Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis is an editor with Lacuna. He is a research student at Warwick University, exploring current debates around post-colonial culture and literature.

We are Many

In March 2003, when President Bush sanctioned the invasion of Iraq, I was sixteen. Now, looking back, I realise how narrow my perception of world affairs was then. Perhaps it was just a matter of my age, and that I consumed news without chewing. I am sure I would not have been the only one in those months lured into feeling as though the intervention were an act of deserved retaliation.

Stop the War rally and march London 8th October 2007

The Selfish Giant

School uniform is a great leveller, concealing beneath its colour-coded livery the disparate lives of its wearers. By which I mean only that starched collars, pressed trousers and buffed shoes tell but part of a story that begins well before eight-thirty and continues well after three.

½ Revolution

The vast numbers assembled in the Egyptian capital (some estimates number 250,000) were partly provoked by access to new media: Facebook, Twitter and smartphones….

Half revolution mubarak