James Harrison

James Harrison

James Harrison is one of the editors of Lacuna. He is an Associate Professor (Reader) at the University of Warwick and Co-Director of the Centre for Human Rights in Practice. You can follow his blog and comment on this article at https://jamesharrisonblog.wordpress.com/. Please email him at at J.Harrison.3@warwick.ac.uk. or follow him on Twitter @JamesNHarrison

Human Rights and Business: Is the United Nations Helping?

Swinging round the side of the Palais, we arrive at the Pregny Gate where long queues of attendees are slowly navigating the UN’s complex security process. By the time I have been given a name badge and my bags have been scanned, the opening plenary of the Forum is about to start. I rush across the Palais’ grounds, into a large atrium where security guards initially bar entry into Room XX. It’s full I am told. I manage to find another entrance and make it inside. Looking round the vast hall as I enter, coloured stalactites on the ceiling add to the cavernous feeling of the place.


This week we’re publishing the second part of Adam Weymouth’s exploration of the ‘rewilding’ debate and the reintroduction of wolves. Who’s afraid of reintroducing the wolf?…

Call for submissions on the theme of protest

On any given day, stories of protest dominate world and national news. Tahrir Square in Cairo; barricades in Kiev; a red shirt protestor shot on the streets of Bangkok; anti-fracking gatherings across the UK: protest could define the current age if it wasn’t for the fact that it could probably define every other ‘age’ too. As a means of responding to and resisting wrongs, mass protest remains extremely powerful.” Andrew Williams, Lacuna Editor in Chief, On Protest

Ekta Parishad

Foodbank Fallacies

Jeremy Paxman sits back comfortably in his chair. Hands folded in front of him. Clipboard of questions resting on his knee. It is 9pm on 26 March 2015. It is the night of the ‘Leaders Debates’, which kicks off the British General Election Campaign. No Newsnight for Jeremy for nine months. No politicians to devour in all that time. How will Paxman react to finally being let off the leash? What will his opening gambit be?

“David Cameron, do you know how many food banks there were in this country when you came to power?” “I don’t have the exact figures but I know that usage of food banks has gone up and there are many amazing volunteers who man those food banks and provide an important service”

Foodbank collection