The Selfish Giant

School uniform is a great leveller, concealing beneath its colour-coded livery the disparate lives of its wearers. By which I mean only that starched collars, pressed trousers and buffed shoes tell but part of a story that begins well before eight-thirty and continues well after three.

Down the rabbit hole

Angela has lost track of time. It is nearly three ‘o’ clock. She picks up the supermarket bag full of loose papers; newspaper clippings, think tank reports, personal reflections, and stuffs it into her rucksack. Before leaving the salon she thanks the gathered women and promises action. Pulling her coat hood over her head, she dashes out into lashing rain and half sprints across the city.

Plan F

The Women’s Budget Group is a collective of feminist economists, researchers, policy experts and activists working towards a vision of a gender equal society where women’s financial independence gives them greater autonomy at work, home, and in civil society. Below they provide the first in our series of ‘Perspectives on Prosperity’

Is Gender Equality Superfluous?

Denmark is regularly held up as being leaps ahead of its European neighbours with regards to gender equality and fair society. Kvinfo, a cultural and political institute based in Copenhagen, works to ensure that, not just Denmark, but all of Scandinavia lives up to this image.

A Woman’s Work

Neoliberal discourses tell people how to behave and what to believe in, often along a dependence/independence binary. These discourses offer an explanation for an individual’s poverty and dissatisfaction, while simultaneously demanding behaviour and producing structures that create and further the insecurity of many – including the individual. ‘Reliance’ on welfare is inappropriate, passive, and feckless, so the narrative goes.