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Shame on You: Fat Discrimination and the Food Industry

Launching its new ‘one brand’ strategy, Coca-Cola’s advert tells you to “choose happiness”. It shows you images of sportspeople, activists, friends and lovers, all of them in celebratory mood. They are different sexes, ages, ethnicities and abilities. It is a panorama of diversity. But none of them look fat. The slender body is dominant.

The advert ends by showing you the different varieties of Coke you can buy; some with lots of sugar in them, some with less.

Acworth GA restored Coke Mural A. Photo by Brent Moore

The Taboo of Sex and Age

“I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it. You know what I mean?” Tammy WhyNot is sat at the front of the stage in a blue boiler suit and peroxide blonde wig, and she is taking us into her confidence.

“I always thought I was going to be one of those people,” she says, “who had a girlfriend or a boyfriend in every town. Or that I was gonna be like one of those Duracell bunnies that hop from bed to bed. I at least thought I was gonna have sex on my death bed. But recently, I kind of just don’t feel like it. And I don’t quite know how to feel about that.” She looks up at us, shrugs, shakes her head.

Tammy WhyNot