We are Many

In March 2003, when President Bush sanctioned the invasion of Iraq, I was sixteen. Now, looking back, I realise how narrow my perception of world affairs was then. Perhaps it was just a matter of my age, and that I consumed news without chewing. I am sure I would not have been the only one in those months lured into feeling as though the intervention were an act of deserved retaliation.

Stop the War rally and march London 8th October 2007

Beyond Chibok: Nigerian Women in the Middle, Grasping for Peace

It has been 365 days and they are still missing. A whole year has passed since global attention focused on Nigeria in the aftermath of the kidnap of female students sitting exams from the Government Secondary School in Chibok in Borno State in the North East.

This was not the first time girls and women have been abducted and it was not the last. What was different about Chibok was the number of girls taken and the global interest this sparked. The worldwide movement encompassed the unlikely combination of Nobel Peace Laureate Malala Yousufzai, the pop star Chris Brown, women in a Syrian refugee camp, Michelle Obama and, of course, women’s rights activists from across Nigeria. They demanded a serious, urgent and decisive response.

Nigerian refugees in Gagamari camp

Protest as a way of life: An interview with Rajagopal

On 2nd October 2012, 50,000 people gathered beneath a vast marquee on the outskirts of Gwailior, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, to hear what Jairam Ramesh, the Rural Development Minister of India, had to say to them. For a year the organisation Ekta Parishad had been crisscrossing the country, twenty campaigners in a caravan of jeeps travelling more than 80,000km, speaking to some of the 400 million Indians who have no land to call their own.

They were the tribal people and the forest dwellers, the nomads and the agricultural labourers, and the dalits, or untouchables, who are outside of the caste system.


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