War & Peace

Oh My Sweet Land

I am aware of a putrid smell walking backstage at the Young Vic to meet the director of ‘Oh My Sweet Land,’ Amir Nizar Zuabi. It is, apparently, cooking onions mingling with fake blood – two props from two different shows.

‘Oh My Sweet Land’ is about one of the most brutal civil wars of this century, but it is the onions rather than the blood that feature in this piece. Here, horrors are recounted rather than performed. In this one-person play, a nameless woman (German-Syrian actor Corinne Jaber) prepares ‘Kubah,’ a traditional Syrian dish, live on stage, as she tells the stories of people she encountered while searching refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan – and finally Syria itself for the man she loves. The stories, gathered by Zuabi and Jaber themselves, are powerful and inevitably heart-breaking.

Red onion

Objecting to War

From the seemingly minor act of saying “No” to conscription, militarism and war, a huge cast of radicals, socialists, artists, immigrants, non-conformists and politicians…

Conscientious Objectors Sunnanås

Lest we forget

Much has been written this year on the First World War. The 100th anniversary has inspired a multitude of articles and programmes and commemorations. Lacuna has decided to approach the subject from a slightly different perspective.