If the fossil fuel era has been about anything, it has been about acting, doing. Whenever we have a problem, we do something. When…

Beyond Chibok: Nigerian Women in the Middle, Grasping for Peace

It has been 365 days and they are still missing. A whole year has passed since global attention focused on Nigeria in the aftermath of the kidnap of female students sitting exams from the Government Secondary School in Chibok in Borno State in the North East.

This was not the first time girls and women have been abducted and it was not the last. What was different about Chibok was the number of girls taken and the global interest this sparked. The worldwide movement encompassed the unlikely combination of Nobel Peace Laureate Malala Yousufzai, the pop star Chris Brown, women in a Syrian refugee camp, Michelle Obama and, of course, women’s rights activists from across Nigeria. They demanded a serious, urgent and decisive response.

Nigerian refugees in Gagamari camp

The Indignados

It was January 2012, in a small hostel in Seville, and Emma was recalling what was known as the Spanish Revolution, or the indignados…

Protesters in Seville carry the anarchist red and black flag past Las Setas, 'The Mushrooms', January 2012