PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ – and the Italian mothers fighting for health justice

In northern Italy a campaign group of mums, Mamme No PFAs, is fighting against the “forever chemicals” that are poisoning their water supply and their children. Beatrice M Spadacini visits Veneto to speak with the Italian mothers who are documenting the devastating health effects of PFAS in an area three times bigger than the US community featured in the film Dark Waters.  

The right to health in times of crisis: ‘Necropolitics’ in Brazil’s favelas during the Covid-19 pandemic

Who decides who has the right to health and the right to life in the favelas of Brazil? And what impact did Covid-19 have on the 16 million people living in favelas? After spending two years in Brazil, and visiting Complexo do Alemão favela in Rio de Janeiro, PhD student Maria Weickardt Soares wrote this story as a response to the annual Lacuna Writing Competition. 

Last Day on Earth: How the climate crisis is affecting the world’s last nomadic Afar tribe, in Ethiopia 

The Afar nomadic indigenous people of East Africa are fighting to preserve their distinct way of life amid climate catastrophe. In this striking photo essay, Afar women, children and elders explain how the climate crisis, infrastructure megaprojects, and conflict are affecting life for nomadic communities in Ethiopia. Aboubakr, 55-year-old Afar chief, stands contemplative against the… Read more »