12 online events and webinars for Human Rights Day 2023

December 10 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a landmark in international human rights law. The commitment to essential rights and freedoms intended to underpin a global drive to promote safety, peace, and dignity for all. These 12 accessible events are an opportunity to explore human rights in context… Read more »

How two disabled Christian activists are challenging ableism in churches and other faith spaces

While some see faith spaces –churches, mosques, synagogues or temples – as safe havens, the reality can be starkly different for the most marginalised. Mina Hadi interviews two writers whose book invites 30 disabled people to share their experiences of access and exclusion in UK churches.  Writers Dr Naomi Lawson and Emily Richardson, both disabled… Read more »

Redacted Fantasy: China’s Dystopian Censorship of Online Fiction

China’s crackdown on fantasy literature and video games poses a critical obstacle to readers, authors, and those who seek to make these works accessible. Why restrict these apparently innocuous stories? Eric R Stone interviews censored writers who describe how censorship and outright banning of certain concepts, words, and allusions render works of fiction unintelligible. In… Read more »