Her Story

In this powerful poem spanning a year in the life of a sexual abuse survivor, our 16-year-old writer describes the impact of abuse and raises questions about the way the legal system handles these crimes. The teenage writer is the joint winner of the University of Warwick’s fourth annual Writing Wrongs Schools’ Competition, organised by the Centre for Human Rights in Practice. She reworked this winning article during her internship with Lacuna Magazine.

“Never again”: The defiant Rohingya of Bradford

“The international community always says never again”, says Salah Uddin, a Rohingya man born in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, “but we are letting genocide happen in the 21st century.” In Bradford, we meet the founding members of the British Rohingya Community speaking from the first office used and run by a Rohingya-led organisation anywhere in the world.

Lacuna Magazine is proud to publish stories by younger writers. Here is a selection of stories from school pupils, university students and recent graduates.