Want to write for Lacuna?

First of all, read our about page.

We welcome unsolicited submissions and proposals from both new and established writers. Lacuna’s aim is to provide high-quality, accessible and compelling content. Please read our work before submitting ideas.

All content sits loosely within the theme of human rights, whether it sets out to: challenge indifference to suffering, inspire action for change, promote wider understanding of complex rights issues or shine a light on injustice.

Send a brief outline of your pitch to hello@lacuna.org.uk including:

  • your proposed working title,
  • a one-line introduction and a three-line summary of your article,
  • any supporting images/audio/video, and
  • links to your work (if you’re a published writer).

We will get back to you as soon as possible. We do read finished articles but can’t guarantee publication.

Here’s a rough guide to the sorts of things we publish (it’s not set in stone, we’re flexible):


We publish deeply reported and well researched features covering a range of social and political issues. These pieces are longer and more investigative, and are usually at least 3,000 words.

We also publish shorter essays between 1,500 to 3,000 words. These are more likely to relate to a news event or public debate, and should provide some unique or original insight, involve on-the-ground reporting or be related to your own expertise on a subject.


Lacuna is committed to supporting new writers. This could be students and people just starting out in their field, who might value feedback and assistance in developing their work. Or academics interested in translating their research for a wider audience.


We also publish unheard voices. We mean people affected personally by injustice. It might be through your work or in your everyday life. Hopefully, we can offer the space and support for you to tell your own stories.


A mix of interviews, profiles and inside accounts from human rights professionals and activists. This could be a useful guide to campaigning, an inside account of particular human rights work or a reflective piece. Not limited to the written word, have a look at these three very different inside accounts put together for LacunaFilms.


We will consider all forms of visual art and writing: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, film, animation, photography, illustration.


Lacuna welcomes sharp and engaging critiques of the best human rights books, art, theatre, film, music and more. These must be current. If you want to review a relevant event, exhibition, film or book, drop us a line.