Environmental justice: ‘They can’t save the planet without saving us’

environmental justice is racial justice beverly wright

In this episode of Spoken Earth, Adam Weymouth discusses climate and environmental justice with academic and activist Dr Beverly Wright.


Dr Beverly Wright is an environmental justice scholar, advocate, author, activist, civic leader and professor of Sociology. For decades she has led the battle for environmental justice in the United States, and in 1992 she founded the Deep South Centre for Environmental Justice in Louisiana, the first environmental justice centre in the United States. We discuss her long battle to expose the racism inherent in the destruction of the environment, and how that battle remains as critical as ever in the face of the pandemic and the recent exposure of police brutality in the States.

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Interviewer: Adam Weymouth
Producer and musician: Ulli Mattsson


Main image of The Denka Performance Elastomer factory in LaPlace, Louisiana, by Julie Dermansky.