International Youth Day 2019: Young voices

international youth day: young writers

For International Youth Day we’re sharing some of the young voices at the heart of Lacuna Magazine.

Every year we run a Writing Wrongs Schools Competition supporting young people to write about the social justice issues that are important to them. We hold workshops and provide one-to-one feedback giving every young person the confidence to create their own piece of writing. Some choose to produce poems, some write plays, while others investigate an issue in a journalistic style.

We aim to publish the best pieces from the junior competition (ages 14 and 15) and the senior competition (ages 16 and 17) and the winners of this year’s senior prize are currently doing paid internships with Lacuna Magazine, preparing their work for publication (coming this autumn) and learning essential editorial skills.

We also work with undergraduate students, supporting them to craft their creative writing and publish and promote their work.

We recently shared pieces we’ve published from the schools competition and are proud to share more writing contributors age 21 and under.

“Cut”: The story of a survivor

This tender and evocative poem by young writer Mina Hadi follows a girl as she grows up, marries and comes to terms with the impact of female genital cutting/mutilation.