Writing about peace: 6 stories for International Peace Day 2020

A rainbow-coloured flag bearing the word PEACE and a peace sign is carried in a crowd of people

We’ve been writing about peace since Lacuna’s launch more than five years ago, asking what peace means to people in different circumstances and whether organisations who claim to be peace-building are really doing enough.

For International Peace Day 2020, we’ve collected six stories that offer different perspectives on peace and on the best ways to secure it, from individual campaigns to an assessment of the peace building strategies of Nobel Peace Prize-winner the European Union.

Main image by Alice Donovan Rouse.

Friar Lawrence in the Balkans

Preti Taneja tells the story of an extraordinary Kosovo Albanian and Serbian production of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

What has the EU ever done for us? Peace

Just before the Brexit referendum our editor-in-chief took a look at the EU's history and record of peace, asking whether its Nobel Peace Prize win was warranted

A century of war and peace in Lebanon

Marina Chamma reports on the history of her home nation, the lives that continue and flourish there, and the optimism that vies with pessimism in the face of repeated violence