New season

Adam Weymouth Graveyard

This week we’re launching a new season of Lacuna. Over the next few months we will be publishing a series of specially commissioned articles, short stories, interviews, poetry, reports and reviews that address some of the most important issues of today.

From reflections on conflicts past and present (Gaza, Rwanda, Iraq) to investigations into the non-violent movement for the rights of the landless, we’ll add to our growing library of reportage and comment. We’ll also be introducing a new project within our OpenLacuna section, designed to encourage young writers to develop their skills and contribute to our editions.

To begin our season, we’re publishing an exclusive article by the writer and resolute walker Adam Weymouth.  Adam writes about his trip to Point Hope, Alaska and his experience of Nalakutaq, a three day celebration of the whale held there each year. He tells a remarkable story of the survival of a community and way of life threatened by the seemingly implacable forces of climate change and oil exploration.

But we can’t ignore one of the momentous events of this week. The referendum in Scotland on Thursday 18th September warrants another look at AL Kennedy’s personal observations on the choice voters face.  We’re also highlighting some articles and interviews you may have missed to give a flavour of the stories we have covered in the past six months.