In search of A People’s Green New Deal with Max Ajl

Cochabamba Bolivia World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. People are marching and holding various coloured flags.

In this episode of Spoken Earth, Adam Weymouth speaks with Max Ajl about what a true eco-socialism would look like, and how the world might get there.


Max Ajl is an agrarian sociologist. He is an associated researcher with the Tunisian Observatory for Food Sovereignty and the Environment, where he currently lives, and a postdoctoral fellow with the Rural Sociology Group at Wageningen University. As well as a frequent contributor to journals, he is author of the 2021 book A People’s Green New Deal. In it, he explores the wave of Green New Deals that are currently sweeping politics, and he looks at how far those deals fall from a true eco-socialism. Ajl cites the People’s Agreement of Cochabamba (title image) as an example of a document which addresses the climate crisis through an anti-capitalist framework which puts indigenous people at the heart of climate justice. Only eco-socialism, Ajl argues, can provide the sort of justice and equality that is needed to ensure a healthy future for the planet and all of its people.

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Podcast by Lacuna Magazine

Interviewer: Adam Weymouth
Producer and musician: Ulli Mattsson


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Featured image by The City Project via Flickr