On the Practice of Protest

Our current theme of ‘protest’ may inspire readers to join in or even start their own protest movement. If so motivated, some understanding of the legal and practical opportunities and constraints might be useful. Here are three books that could help:


The Protest Handbook

Tom Wainwright, Anna Morris, Katherine Craig, and Owen Greenhall – Bloomsbury Professional 2012 – £50.00

This book is useful for both lawyers and non-lawyers, assisting with a practical guide to protest. The Handbook purports to be ‘an essential title for all barristers and solicitors who work in criminal practice, as well as charities, organisations and community groups that provide advice and support for protests and protestors’. It’s a little out of date but includes a reasonably comprehensive review of what happens when the police take action against protestors


The New Law of Peaceful Protest: Rights and Regulation in the Human Rights Act Era

David Mead – Hart Publishing 2010 – £52.00

Filling an academic gap in the literature, this book considers how the right to demonstrate has developed since the Human Rights Act became law in the UK. It has a critical as well as practical element, which might be of interest to students of the subject of protest.


The Activists’ Handbook: a step-by-step guide to participatory democracy

Aidan Ricketts – Zed Books, 2012 – £14.99

Do you want to know how to be an effective campaigner for social change? Ricketts’ Activists’ Handbook is a wonderfully presented, accessible guide to social change activism and a fantastic resource for anybody wishing to construct a campaign that makes a difference.

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