Welcome to Lacuna

Occupy london protest tent city st pauls

Often many important political and social topics, matters of justice and injustice, fall between two stools: the acute but fleeting focus of 24/7 journalism and the long perspective of academia. Lacuna’s aim is to bring these ends of a spectrum closer together.

We hope, then, to allow a story to breathe when warranted. The subjects we report on won’t remain static so our articles and features won’t either. We will flesh out particular stories – through writing, photography or multimedia content – as time goes on. A story will develop layers that enable you to explore and reflect on its different dimensions.

Lacuna publishes a wide field of contributors. Our editorial team is made up of journalists, editors, authors, academics and students. We look for material that reflects the ethos of the magazine and will entertain, inform and stimulate a response. We support new writers and new approaches to writing.     

Each edition is curated around a particular theme. Our first is ‘Protest’. Over the next few weeks we will publish features, opinions, reports and reviews on stories both familiar and obscure that relate to this theme. For our launch, the journalist, and our writer-in-residence, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi writes on the extraordinary spirit of the Greenham Common Peace Camp women; Jon Snow, Channel 4 News presenter, remembers his first experiences as a protestor; Dan Hancox reports on the Spanish Indignados.  Articles on the Bhopal disaster, on art in protest, on the comic activism of Mark Thomas, on the patience of those who embark on long term protest, will follow.

This is Lacuna. 

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