Call for submissions on the theme of protest

On any given day, stories of protest dominate world and national news. Tahrir Square in Cairo; barricades in Kiev; a red shirt protestor shot on the streets of Bangkok; anti-fracking gatherings across the UK: protest could define the current age if it wasn’t for the fact that it could probably define every other ‘age’ too. As a means of responding to and resisting wrongs, mass protest remains extremely powerful.” Andrew Williams, Lacuna Editor in Chief, On Protest

Ekta Parishad

We are Many

In March 2003, when President Bush sanctioned the invasion of Iraq, I was sixteen. Now, looking back, I realise how narrow my perception of world affairs was then. Perhaps it was just a matter of my age, and that I consumed news without chewing. I am sure I would not have been the only one in those months lured into feeling as though the intervention were an act of deserved retaliation.

Stop the War rally and march London 8th October 2007