Dr Poshendra Satyal, Dr Noelle Kumpel, Keith Hyams and Morten Fibieger Byskov

Dr Poshendra Satyal works with the Policy Team of BirdLife International in Cambridge, UK and is a Fellow with the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group at Warwick University and an affiliate fellow at the University of East Anglia’s Global Environmental Justice Research Group. His experience and interests are in interdisciplinary and policy relevant research on environment and development issues, particularly on the role and rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in conservation, forest governance and climate adaptation contexts. ..... Dr Noelle Kumpel is Head of Policy at BirdLife International and Fellow of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative at the University of Cambridge ..... Keith Hyams is a Reader in Political Theory and Interdisciplinary Ethics at the University of Warwick ..... Morten Fibieger Byskov is a Postdoctoral Researcher in International Politics at the University of Warwick.