4 stories about “subtle sexism”

Everyday sexism: he Microaggressions and Subtleties of Rape Culture

Our latest story explores how so-called “banter” and “locker-room talk” relates to the broader spectrum of rape culture. Reflecting on three encounters with everyday sexism, our writer finds these microaggressions and seemingly small events culminate to plague women, and to pave the way for graver injustices.

Below, we’ve linked this story with three more from writers exploring how small remarks about their culture, flawed campaigns to make nightlife venues safer for women, or the low-level anxiety felt by many women when attempting to navigate public spaces alone at night can add up to create a culture that is dangerous and toxic for women.

The writer says: “Rape doesn’t exist in a void. It persists in our society because we allow it, but also because we allow these more subtle forms of harassment.” 

Sober reflections on spiking and nightlife safety

Using her experience of the nightlife industry, a DJ explores how clubs and bars can tackle spiking and sexual assault. Did the Girls’ Night In protests make any difference? And what can be done to make nightlife spaces safer for women?