7 stories by young writers about identity, culture and intersectionality

These empowering stories by young writers challenge stereotypes and shatter expectations. Exploring their own multiple identities and how they intersect, they write about class, colourism, being caught between cultures, being neurodivergent – and how they overcome the feeling of being an outsider.

If you don’t define who you are, the world will. These empowering young voices defy the labels assigned to them and own their stories.

After feeling alienated, seven young writers take us through journeys of self-discovery and what it means to come of age between two worlds.

As society becomes increasingly diverse, more and more individuals with multi-identities are learning to overcome the feeling of not belonging to just one place and instead appreciating that they belong to many.

Growing up is hard, but the growing pains are even harder when you’re stretched between identities.

These stories show how language, sexism, class, colourism, western beauty standards, cultural appropriation, sexual orientation and religion can be restrictive and confining.

In one story, a resilient second-generation Nepali woman born in Britain, makes it her mission to embrace both Nepali and British roots.

In another, a writer who belongs to both the Muslim and LGBT community explores how the two can co-exist.

“My identity as a Muslim lesbian is one that I will continue to keep close to my chest. For some people, that mere label is a misnomer – or, worse, an oxymoron.”

These stories hope to cultivate an acceptance, understanding and an awareness of the deep-rooted issues of identity, culture, and how the two intersect.