Memories of a Protest

On an unusually balmy autumn day in 2013, a small group of women gathered outside the nuclear base at Aldermaston and began to sing. All of them had wide smiles and the words came easily.
The song was in memory of Jean Kaye. Jean was a protestor, a campaigner for social justice. When she reached retirement age, her convictions took her to the heart of the most intense of peace protests. She died aged 87 last September. By all accounts she was indefatigable, inspirational and extraordinary. She wasn’t the only one.

Women of Greenham quilt

½ Revolution

The vast numbers assembled in the Egyptian capital (some estimates number 250,000) were partly provoked by access to new media: Facebook, Twitter and smartphones….

Half revolution mubarak

The Indignados

It was January 2012, in a small hostel in Seville, and Emma was recalling what was known as the Spanish Revolution, or the indignados…

Protesters in Seville carry the anarchist red and black flag past Las Setas, 'The Mushrooms', January 2012